Thursday, June 14, 2012

Okay, I suck...

I have a bunch of posts that I haven't had the freaking energy to even copy and paste into my blog. Sorry, guys, I suck. It's not like anyone reads this shit anyway. I feel like that grumpy little dude from "Sydney White" who says "it's not about being read, it's about being written."


Let me tell you something, you random person that might one day read this...Depression sucks. Sucks fucking big time. Right now, I couldn't give a rat's rear end about who reads this and who doesn't. I also couldn't care less about most others right now. Right now, I have just about lost my faith in almost everyone in my life.

You have no idea. I don't even want to read right now. Nope. And if you knew me outside of the interwebz, you would understand how freaking serious that is. I love books. I love reading. Usually. But right now, I have no clue why I even bothered to charge my Kindle.

Screw Y Chromosomes. You guys just suck. Seriously. First of all, I don't really know one I can trust and count on anymore. I mean there might be a my dad....or this one friend... but I don't want to burden this one Y Chromosome with my issues because he has enough of his own.

I am not that hard to please. Honestly. Seriously. It doesn't take a lot of work. I'm fairly low maintenance. But FUCK, get with it.


Bugger off friends that only want to be your friend when they need something. I have no issues with friends that have been there for you, and really need you. Feel that they can call you when they have a problem. BUT when they never call to say HI or Let's do coffee, or whatever...only to say, Hey, can you ...


Get a life, children that can't grasp it. Selfish little snots. Been there for you whenever you've needed me, but you can't be big hearted enough to even talk to me when I need you or adult enough to give others a chance.  Go buy your own food and shit.


I've just about had it. I'm at the end of my thread. I have no patience left, no hope, no trust in others, and certainly, no faith in government. I need a cave to crawl into and just be alone for awhile. Maybe have a good cry.

Next person that asks me for something? Fuck off. I give up.

Too bad I am too damn responsible to just quit and run away. Heaven forbid I quit my job and take care of me. I mean, then I wouldn't be able to be your mall.

To those that may actually care, I apologize for you having to read through my rant and I'll get back to regular blogs soon. Maybe. I hope.