Friday, January 2, 2009

Q & A

I have received a number of emails asking a few of the same questions so I will try to answer them here.

1. Visiting. Phone calls are not appropriate only because Gene will not be able to talk for a few days after so if you do call, don't expect a lot of conversation. :) If you nwould like to visit, I will post his room number on here as soon as I know it and then Monday late afternoon or early evening would be best. From experience, early evening is better. He probably won't be out of surgery until after noon then recovery so that would be best.

2. Well wishes. We will have the laptop so if you would like to send an email or ecard, that would be great. You can either send it to Gene's email or mine - if you send it to mine, I will make sure he sees it.

3. We will probably only be in the hospital from early Monday morning to late afternoon on Tuesday.

4. They are anticipating the availability of donor bone which is a good thing. If they didn't, yes, there would be a second incision (thus longer surgery time) to aquire bone from Gene's hip to replace the vertebrae they remove. However, this would not increase stay time.

5. As for the birthday questions, he has an Amazon wish list under Gene White in Yuba City for ideas...and trust me, this is all I really get out of him besides, "You know what I like" - ARGH!!!! I may have a small get together for him the weekend of the 10th but probably not until the next weekend. I will keep you all posted.

Okay, I think I addressed the majority of questions asked. I will continue to keep everyone posted.

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and a wonderful New Year.

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