Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sorry, All, been busy....

Okay, Let's see...

Gene has been doing well, the third and fourth days out were bad and the muscles and tissues are hurting still. Incision is healing very well, doc is very pleased.

The pain from before the surgery is going away down his arms and the strength is coming back little by little, it is still early, so we will see what happens. The numbness is still there and the doc says that this is normal and it may go away a bit or it may never go away. I figure numb is one thing, just make him stop hurting.

His neck is still very painful and when we saw the doc yesterday, he asked Gene, "It feels like someone has hit you with a baseball bat, yes?" Yep, that was exactly how Gene was describing it at home. Doc says this is normal due to the things they had to do during surgery to the muscles and such. Please don't ask me to describe it. It makes me shiver and I wasn't the one having it done. When they use words like scrap and ratchet, well, you see my point. Anyway, the doc says that this will last for a couple more weeks while the muscles, tendons, and tissues heal.

He will continue to be in the collar for 3 to 4 months, but the doc is pleased with how he is healing. Said the previous surgical area looked good and healed when he went in and that was a very good thing. Gene is doing well.

Other news, made it through Gene's birthday with the sore throat. He managed a bit, but mashed potatoes are still a hit.

Chi went back to school last week and is going well. Alexa started her second semester of college today so she will be out and about. Good thing is she has a TV course Mondays and Wednesdays in the afternoon so she will be in class but at home.
Love you all...I will try to keep everyone posted more as his healing progresses and this will go back to being a regular blog but feel free to come and visit.

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Will said...

Hope all is doing well. Sorry have not checked this before now but Melissa broke my rib so been going thru some fun myself. Nothing good for gossip just a deep tissue massage that went bad. Doctor told me 2 months of pain and btw here is some pain pill that cause constipation, have fun.

Glad to hear Gene is recovering. just load in mash and blacksheep on constant repeat and a crock pot of chili and rice and he is good. Keep us posted.