Friday, March 30, 2012

Book vs. Movie

Okay, so here is my deal today. I am an avid reader. Okay, that’s not an accurate description. I’m a voracious reader. I devour books. I love the written word. I’ll usually read anything….at least once.

Which brings me today’s issue. What the hell is it with people that complain about movies without reading the books they are based on?

Now, I have seen a movie and found out after that there was a book beforehand and if the movie had peaked my interest, then I’ll go find the book and read it. It’s happened. True, the reverse has also happened where I have seen a movie and have NO desire to read the book it came from.

I am currently in a debate with a co-worker about The Hunger Games.

I read the first book at the request of my daughter who, knowing where my tastes run, suggested that I would like it. Okay. It was a simple request, since my daughter and I have a lot of the same tastes in books and movies, suggestions to each other are usually met with interest.

Now, back to my co-worker, he has stated that he does not read unless forced. The last book he read was because it was assigned for a class. Sigh. That is the only way that he has read any of the classics, few as that may have been. I asked him about Shakespeare, Hemingway, Orwell, etc., only read in school. I asked him if he had read Animal Farm, no. Hell, I read that book in 5th grade.

So, this brings us to The Hunger Games. Now, I haven’t seen the movie yet. I am going tomorrow evening with my kids and their friends. I can’t wait. I have read the complete trilogy and therefore, am looking forward to seeing the interpretation of the director. Always entertaining. LOL

My co-worker has seen it and knowing that I have read the books, has been in my office every day this week asking me questions about it. My main answer now, after trying to explain things to him, is “Read the damn book.” No joke.

Why do they make the kids kill each other in the arena? It’s explained in the book. I then tried to explain the situation of the post-apocalyptic environment and the Capital’s desire to keep everyone under their thumb. Hmmmmm….. Then he comes back with “Why?” again. Ugh. I compare it to the Romans with the Christians and lions. Entertainment value for the citizens of the Capital. “But why?” Grrr… seriously? How old are we? Five? So then I compare the arena fighting to the gladiators. “But they were more evenly matched?” **OMFG** Back to Christians and Lions. He seems to get that part. For now.

Then the whole issue of the uproar of the tributes from District 11, about how people are upset that the characters were of a certain racial background. (Was that politically correct enough? Mind you my co-worker and I are of two different racial backgrounds even different from the D11 Tribs.) Seriously? This is an issue here? Again **OMFG** Read the damn book. It describes in the book how the people from District 11 are all a dark skinned people. There are a ton of different races on this earth all with varying skin colors. (This is a whole other rant for me, but I digress…that one is later.)

Then the questions about how are they picked, why aren’t they the same ages, why does a poor district need a baker, where do they get flour, etc., etc., etc.

I swear I am going to scream. So, to keep me sane, here is a piece of advice….


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